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When we grow up, we realize that our school life was the best time of our life.Days spent with batchmates are truly the golden period of one's life.Don't you agree? I have always missed the classroom fun that we had in school.But what makes those days really special…..any guesses ….well the students or the batchmates we had.Let’s go back to those old school days remembering some common types of students.
1)The Late Lateef(Comer) Always coming late and that too with a creative excuse.In case,he decides to miss or bunk the class,he messages you and asks you to give his proxy.
2)The Back-Benchers This category is my favourite one;the one who makes memories more than the assignments.The one who is always in the teacher’s hit list.A gang of 4-6 students,always disturbing the toppers,eating lunch during lectures,copying the same assignment for the final marks,happy to stand outside the class but along with their whole gang….if anyone is left;he is no more the member of the gang and the …

Types Of FOOTBALL Fans⚽

It's the World Cup season and everyone is going crazy about football! We,the sports fans,take this kind of sports seriously!Games like football brings out the unique fan inside us.We,as a football fans,cannot accept that it's just a game and our life does not depend on it.Football is not just a sport, it's a religion,it’s our life.No matter who you are, if you are a football fan, you definitely fall in one of these categories!So, what are we waiting for….let's kick off!
1.Over Excited Fans

Gym and Gym Goers in INDIA

People nowadays are getting quite fitness conscious.Fit body helps them look better.So,observing this sudden fitness fever, I too decided to become fit ... loose weight and look smart.So,I went to my friend and asked him,"bro! what should I do to look fit?"The fixed advice you will always listen from an Indian is JOIN THE GYM!So I made up my mind and started gyming and I observed that there is nothing wrong with the Indian gyms but the problem arises when the gym goers are over enthusiastic.So,I will tell you the funny things that you will only experience in Indian gyms.
1.Selfies are priority

4.Tough Men With Huge Body Structure

Just Middle Class Things

From the way children are brought up, to how people shop for things ,being a middle class is beyond imagination.Some activities never changes irrespective of what you do in life later.I am going to tell you few "Just Middle Class Things" which confirms that you belong to true middle class family.
Let's begin😀
1.Buying Oversized Clothes Why spend on a new one every year when you could just buy an oversized one that’d last for a few years?And when you tell your mother,it is too loose & will look odd,your mother is like"Sahi to lag rha h,Tu hi sochta h". 2.Dining Out Most middle class people wait for the mouth freshener that comes along with the bill.For them it is like "Paise to isme hee vasoolne h...Pelo " 3.Never Ending Toothpaste Indian middle class family getting free dhaniya mirchi means a lottery.Old bottles are never thrown away. Empty oil or shampoo bottles are gold to them.
5.Movie Time <

Stages of ALCOHOL....Hangover of an Indian Man🍺

I decided to give up drinking but then I realized that I am not a quitter.I used to think drinking was bad for I gave up thinking.

Alcoholism is not a funny issue...and that's for sure.But what if I add a little bit fun to it?Take a look at these funny moments and laugh out loud with your friends and family!

Let's Begin😀
The bottle gets open and stages of hangover gets divided into 4 categories which are as follow:

A}Alcoholics Make Excuses to Drink

                                                Image Source:
There is nothing wrong with me.Everybody drinks and that too more than me."Bhai daru band h...par tu to bhai h...aaj kam piyunga" , last saying that every alcoholic can easily relate to and finally, the bottle gets open.
And the most humorous part I find is that an alcoholic drinks when he receive a bad news, drowning his sorrows. Alternatively, alcohol is the first thing he turns to when there’s a good news.
B}Heart Break The second st…